LEAD2 Internal Quality Assurance Meeting

Time: Sep 10, 2020, 10:00 AM Brussels (Beijing 16.00, Ankara 11.00)

Meeting agenda:

  1. LEAD2 Internal quality assurance (QA) plan updates
  2. LEAD2 internal QA reports updates (mid-term, and regular reports)
  3. Enhancing project effect and impact
  4. Possible cooperation with EU-China HPPD, and the China-EU Higher Education Exchange and Cooperation Platform
  5. Enhancing Visibility, Dissemination of exploitation of project results
    1. Use of LEAD2 MOOCs (at the institutional level, national level, general public level)
    2. Training and workshops (at the institutional level, project partner level, others….)
    3. Blended training (benefit from the blended opportunities)
    4. Use of LEAD2 Online Knowledge Base and sharing (chat) functions
    5. Publications (upcoming research articles, journal special issues): effect & impact
    6. Effect & impact at policy level for Chinese HEIs: methods & strategies
  6. Impact assessment (during second half-term of the project)
  7. Updated work plan & project management related issues
  8. Internal QA meeting scheme (regular updates)