LEAD2 Young Academic Leadership Training Program Exchange Session & Graduation Ceremony has been successfully held in Kunming on 17 December 2021



Over the past two years, the pandemic has prevented the project from physically meetings in China-EU project collaboration, however, the project has made efforts to organise online meeting and blended training program. In the autumn of 2021, from 4 October 2021 to 18 December 2021, the project has successfully organised a blended (online and offline) academic leadership training program for young academic leaders among Chinese partners and other higher education institutions.


On December 17, the second exchange session and networking meeting of the Young Academic Leadership Training program and the Graduation Ceremony took place in Kunming. This event marked the successful completion of the Blended Training Program 2021 Autumn Edition. At the Kunming Graduation Ceremony, 93 Graduated participants were awarded the Graduation Certificates, 10 Excellent participants were awarded the Honour Certificates, 8 Excellent Group leaders were awarded Honor Certificates, seven Excellent Group spokespersons were awarded the Honour Certificates, and six Excellent Group rapporteurs were awarded the Honour Certificates. One Special Excellent Highest-scoring participant was awarded the Honor Certificate, and 6 Excellent Group facilitators were awarded the Honor Certificates. 

The Lead2 Young Academic Leadership Training program not only focused on the participants from partner universities but also other participants who are interested in the training including academic leaders and staff from non-partner universities. This blended Academic Leadership Training program has not only enhanced knowledge and skills on academic leadership for individuals but also advanced mutual understanding and cooperation among Chinese HEIs. Furthermore, the program results have been successfully disseminated to a variety of universities and will provide very useful insights for future training programs for academic leadership in the context of this project. 

More details of the event can be found here 

The report of the Young Academic Leadership Training program and the Graduation ceremony can be read here