With a focus on enhancing Academic leadership and University governance of European and Chinese universities, LEAD2 project has successfully published two special issues in high indexed and peer-reviewed international journals: Chinese Education and Society (CES), European Journal of Education (EJE). As the third issue, Asia Europe Journal (AEJO) accepted the papers in our special issues, and they are in the final phase of publishing. In each issue, there is an editorial paper which sets the scene and provides the premise for the special issue referencing the articles included within.

In addition, LEAD2 editorial team has started the review process for the fourth special issue in Research in Educational Administration and Leadership (REAL). There are 7 submitted papers. The main focus of this issue is to understand the different aspects of transformation in European and Chinese HEIs involving organizational, societal and digital aspects as well as the perspectives, roles and challenges of academic leaders during uncertain times.

Taken together, our special issues enhance our understanding on the transformation and changes in university governance and broaden our perspectives through academic research on university governance in the global and international cases. They also address some emerging issues worthy of attention in the field of educational leadership. Additionally, they offer collaborative and comparative studies from an international perspective.

Below is the current situation of the special issues.

  • The first special issue has been published by Chinese Education and Society (CES). The issue is entitled “Educational Leadership in Chinese Universities” and consists of 4 research papers and 1 editorial paper. The journal published the special issue in the final edition of 2021, Volume 54, Issue 5-6, September-December 2021.
  • The second one has been published by European Journal of Education (EJE). The issue is entitled as “University governance in Europe and China in the context of internationalisation and comprises of 7 articles and 1 editorial paper. The journal published this special issue in the first edition of 2022, Volume 57, Issue 1, January 2022.
  • The third one will be published by Asia Europe Journal (AEJO). The issue is entitled as “Comparative perspectives and cases in academic leadership and governance in European and Chinese Higher Education”. There are 4 research papers and 1 editorial paper in this journal. This issue is going to be published in the first half of 2022.
  • The fourth issue will be published by the journal Research in Educational Administration and Leadership (REAL). The issue is entitled as "Transformation in HEIs in cross-cultural contexts during uncertain times”. Seven papers have been submitted. All papers are under international peer reviews. The issue is planned to be published in the second half of 2022.