LEAD2 Online Knowledge Base (OKB) benefits a wide range of users

The Online Knowledge Base is an online learning, sharing and research tool that provides users with a rich online knowledge base that incorporates various resources and literature on university governance and academic leadership and facilitates learning and sharing of stakeholders on these topicsIn the last few months (November 2020 to February 2021), about 1000 materials, including academic papers and videos, have been updated. The platform has a growing userbase. There are currently 65 users who registered on the website of which 21.7 % are new visitors, and 78.3 % are returning visitors. Users came from different countries in the world. Concerning page views, there were a total of 580 pageviews in this period. 56 users visited the website directly via the web browser. 11 users were redirected to the website via www.lead2-project.eu, and 4 users visited the site via a search engine.   

To access the content of the knowledge base, learners/users must sign up and log in on the website. 

Find out more: http://www1.lead2-knowledge-base.eu/