LEAD Academic Network Members Actively Engage in the E-Teach Final Conference and Multiplier Event on February 2, 2024

The E-Teach Final Conference and Multiplier Event, held on February 2, 2024, at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel's U-Residence, marked a pivotal moment in advancing digital pedagogy. This gathering saw an active participation from LEAD Academic Network members, alongside a diverse group of international educators, researchers, and digital education experts.

Prof. Chang Zhu of VUB opened the conference with welcoming remarks, setting a collaborative tone for the day. Marta Luchetti provided an overview of the E-Teach Project's significant impacts on digital education initiatives, followed by Prof. Hasan Arslan's insights on the critical role of digital pedagogy in contemporary education. Highlighting international collaborations, Laura Salo from the University of Helsinki discussed the incorporation of programming in Finland's compulsory education, emphasizing the Innokas Network's contributions. Dr. Yunhua Liu from the LEAD Academic Network shared innovative strategies in Germany's teacher digital education, showcasing the global scope of digital pedagogy advancements.

The conference featured a panel on Teacher Competences in Digital Pedagogy, moderated by Dr. Aysun Caliskan, where LEAD Network members and other participants debated the enhancement of student engagement, flexibility, personalization, and the fostering of critical thinking through digital technologies. They also addressed the challenges of integrating digital technologies in education, stressing the importance of a balanced approach between traditional and digital learning methods.

Afternoon sessions delved into creating digital bridges in education, enhancing teachers' digital content development skills, and the ethical and practical considerations of using AI in higher education. A dedicated panel discussed the Use of AI Tools in Education, engaging experts like Prof. Jan Cornelis from the LEAD Academic Network and Prof. Anna Maria Migdał in a dialogue about the potentials and challenges of AI in educational settings, enriched by the active involvement of LEAD Network members.

The event concluded with a summary of discussions by Dr. Aysun Caliskan and closing remarks by Prof. Chang Zhu, who emphasized the ongoing need for innovation in digital pedagogy. The E-Teach Final Conference and Multiplier Event showcased the collective commitment to enhancing digital pedagogy, highlighting the importance of adaptable, informed, and ethical education approaches in the digital age, with significant contributions from the LEAD Academic Network members.