LEAD2 journal: Issue 4 is available online

Lead2 Journal is a journal which publishes original and significant contributions on university governance and academic leadership, in its widest sense, from Chinese and European universities. The journal seeks to cover all aspects of university governance and academic leadership. It will form a bridge between academic leaders and staffs in academic institutions and other stakeholders. It will achieve by publishing not only updated activities of the LEAD2 project, the Capacity Building in Higher Education project supported by the Erasmus+ program but also descriptions of examples of good practices on university governance and academic leadership in diverse contexts. Furthermore, the journal also includes primary research projects on academic leadership located in higher education institutions. The journal will publish four issues per year in 2020 and 2021 (in both a digital version and hard copy). 

The fourth issue of LEAD2 Journal (digital version), which focus on young academic leadership. The new issue covers different topics including a virtual interview with a young professor working at VUB, a briefing of the LEAD2 project activities in the last three months, and a short report of the latest MOOC on university governance and academic leadership.

The pdf version can be found here