[Academic leader interview article] Academic leadership and digital transformation


For more than 20 years Dr. Lucas Zinner is dedicated to research and research policy and is currently Head of the Research Services and Career Development Department of the University of Vienna. After conducting research in Mathematics and working in the Austrian Science Foundation, he returned to the University of Vienna in 2004 and helped establish the Research Services and Technology Transfer Department. Since 2007 he has been in charge of setting up the university-wide Centre for Doctoral Studies. Lucas is involved in many international projects related to the Research – Education – Innovation triangle such as the EUCHINADOC project. He is actively participating in international conferences and was invited as a speaker, e.g. at the University Business Forum 2013, the 2013 Meeting of the Council of Deans and Directors of Graduate Research in Australia, at EUA-CDE and UKCGE in 2015 or PraxisUnico in 2016. Moreover, Lucas was delegated by the Austrian Ministry to the ERA Working Group on Innovative Doctoral Training of the European Commission, and he has experience in acting as a facilitator and trainer in workshops for PhD supervisors. As coordinator of the EU funded LLP Project PRIDE dealing with the professionalization of staff supporting doctoral education at higher education institutions, Lucas prepared the basis to establish the international PRIDE Network Association for Professionals in Doctoral Education and is currently acting as its president.

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