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UNICA is an institutional Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe. It was founded in 1990, and it is currently made up of 51 universities from 37 capital cities of Europe, combining over 160,000 university staff and 1.900,000 students.


UNICA is a community of the Universities of the European Capitals, committed to democratic values, acting as a catalyst for the advancement, integration, and cooperation of Member Universities throughout Europe as a means of social understanding, global collaboration, and sustainable development.


UNICA is a network bringing together 51 member universities from 37 capital cities of Europe, with a combined strength of over 160,000 staff and 1,900,000 students. It seeks to facilitate international collaborations and promote academic leadership through understanding and sharing between its Members throughout the European Higher Education Area. It also provides a forum in which the Members can reflect on the needs of strategic change in university research, education, administration, and societal engagement.

In order to achieve its aims, UNICA articulates the views of Member Universities to European institutions, to national, regional, and municipal governments, and internationally. It provides the Members with information on European initiatives and programmes, and supports them in developing co-operative projects.