Register for the LEAD Academic Network Annual Meeting & Webinar 18 Dec. 2023

The LEAD Academic Network is an international and interdisciplinary platform of collaboration among academics and academic leaders for discussing and sharing theory, practice and research on academic leadership and university governance. The Network aims to support the advancement of academic leadership through research-based knowledge and networked learning, and to create a community with shared interests of producing and disseminating academic leadership knowledge and experiences, and linking research to academic leadership practices.

The mission of the LEAD Academic Network is to become a major networked community and a center of excellence in academic leadership research and a source of innovative best practices.

The main strategic priorities of the LEAD Academic Network include:

  • Academic networking,
  • Profiling & identity of academic leadership at different levels,
  • Research-based capacity building on academic leadership,
  • Networked learning. 

The 2023 LEAD Academic Network Annual Meeting and Webinar will take place on 18 Dec. 2023 from 9.30-11.30am Brussels time.

Welcome to Register for the LEAD Academic Network Annual Meeting & Webinar 18 Dec. 2023. 

The participation is free of charge.  
Registration deadline: 11 Dec. 2023.

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